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Living in Multidimensional Oneness

Linda "Shay" Nai'a
David Rosenthal

Welcome Beloved Podmate!

A message from Shay

We’re over-the-Moon to invite you on a truly out-of-this-world magical mystery tour!

As I was preparing to create this web page, I asked David to channel Archie for me, so I could get an updated perspective on the Star Attunements.
Of everything Archie said in this channeling, I was deeply touched by this …

Of all the next steps we could have offered
to humans and humanity,
this is the one that will ultimately make the biggest difference.

Even though it’s also the one that’s hardest to put into words.

What’s happening with the Star Attunements
is truly sacred and profound.

~ Archie & the Cetacean Council

Archie went on to say that talking about the Star Attunements is a bit of a dilemma, simply because they are so far outside the range of human experience.

He shared that pretty much anyone who chooses to receive them is going to be operating from two main things:

  • your own intuitive knowing, and
  • your trust – the trust that has been built through your receiving of the Dolphin Attunements, and through your ongoing personal relationship with Dolphin, me, David, and other podmates.

Archie also wants to assure you that by continuing on with the Star Attunements, you won’t be leaving the Dolphins behind.

Dolphin is very much involved in the Star Attunements.
Dolphin is so very present on Star Attunement day, creating and holding our sacred receiving space, and bearing witness to the transmission.
And, they are ever-present with us in the days, weeks, and months that follow, supporting us in our integration of these vast and expansive cosmic energies.

Dolphin, Archie, and Star are OVERJOYED that you’re considering receiving this next gift!

A Little Background ...

The Star Attunements are new on planet Earth.

They’re not a continuation of the Dolphin Attunements, they’re an entirely new adventure.
This new adventure is available to you once you’ve received your 7th Dolphin Attunement and completed your Dolphin Attunement Journey.

The very first Star 1 Attunement was delivered in December 2013, and Star 2 and Star 3 arrived within the first year.
After that, the pace slowed way down.
Since 2014, only one new Star Attunement has been delivered each year.
That’s how big they are.
The first Star 9 Attunement was delivered in August 2020.

The entire process of bringing the Star Attunements to planet Earth has taken almost 7 years and required a pod of receivers.

You know, Shay’s journey with the dolphins, which brought through the Dolphin Attunements, also took 7 years. Hmmm…

what are the star attunements?

You’ve received some or all of the Dolphin Attunements.
You know they can’t be fully expressed or explained in human language.

The best we can do is to say that the Dolphin Attunements merge your Human Consciousness with an aspect of Dolphin Consciousness, leading to a new form of consciousness on planet Eartha blended Human-Dolphin consciousness.

Along these same lines, the Star Attunements merge your Human-Dolphin Consciousness with an aspect of Star Consciousness, creating a blended Human-Dolphin-Star consciousness.

This isn’t about merging your consciousness with the consciousness of extraterrestrial beings living on planets in other star systems, such as Sirius or the Pleiades.
This is about merging with the consciousness of the stars themselves.

Here is how Archie first explained this to us, years ago …

sun on blue sky
This painting of Archie was created by Bonnie Blue, HealingDolphins.com

Archie, channeled by David, is our Golden Dolphin Spirit Guide and spokesdolphin for the Cetacean Council that guides us in this work.

Archie's Teaching about Star Consciousness

The first beings in this universe were not dolphins or humans or amoeba.
They were stars.

And so, when the universe was born,
and elements of the universe began to experience beingness and consciousness,
the first beings to reach “self-awareness” were physical stars …
stars like your Sun.

There are elements of this understanding in human mythology.
In fact, there was more awareness in what you now call mythology
that stars are beings.
Stars have self-awareness.
Stars have an understanding of their place in the universe.

Now, this self-awareness is not biologically mediated.
It is obviously quite, quite different from what you experience as self-awareness.

Certainly, there is a sense in which the self-awareness of a star is primitive
compared to the self-awareness of a fish,
let alone a human being,
let alone a dolphin or a whale –
because it is “undifferentiated.”

However, it is also true that the self-awareness of a star,
in another way,
is beyond anything that you, up until now,
have been able to conceive of experiencing as a human being.

The ultimate purpose of the Star Attunements is to
bring an aspect of star consciousness
into the makeup of human consciousness.

We also like this title for this new journey:
Living in the Multidimensional Oneness.

In truth, this is the greatest experiment
we have ever undertaken.

~ Archie & the Cetacean Council

Swimming in Dolphin's Slipstream

Archie also told us that the evolutionary leap forward we are receiving with the Star Attunements is something the dolphins on planet Earth received, as part of their own evolution, about 15 million years ago.

He continued …

There is no correlate in human experience for what is
being given in the Star Attunements. 

A much higher level of Light is being brought into
the human energy system. 

Remember, even though these are Star Attunements, Dolphin is very much involved. 
Dolphin is in collaboration with Star Consciousness to bring us these Star Attunements.

We invite you, with our whole hearts, to join with us in receiving them!

Star Attunement Possibilities

It’s best to embark upon the Star Attunements with a sense of adventure.
The Star Attunements are the ultimate magical mystery tour!

And, our human minds sometimes like to have a sense of what we may experience.

The Star Attunements create the possibility for you to experience …

  • A profoundly increased level of personal power. Power to accomplish your dreams, and power to make a profound difference here on planet Earth. Over time, some of the limitations of being human – limitations you may have taken for granted – simply cease to apply.
  • A deepened and continuous experience of connection – to yourself, other humans, the dolphins and whales, the stars – to the whole universe. When we think of dolphins, this is one of the things we most love about them – their quality of connection. Archie told us that the dolphins learned this quality of connection from the stars!
  • A deeper trust in the universe and the nature of reality.
  • An increased willingness and ability to forgive those things you have not yet been able to forgive. In light of the consciousness of a star, things that may have seemed so large are really quite small.
  • An even deeper sense of peace and belonging, moment-to-moment – not just here on Earth, but here in this universe.
  • A greater ability to live a joyous and joyful life. The dolphins want this for each and every human.

By saying YES to the Star Attunement Journey, you will be greatly benefitting not just yourself, but all of humanity, and all occupants of Earth – especially dolphins and whales – and beyond.

Sharing the love ...

I have this huge & deep feeling of being part of something enormous. I may only be touched by 10% of Star Consciousness, or even less than that. I have no idea of the impact of such energy on planetary healing, but I feel, in my heart, that we all are doing a fantastic job, aware of it or not. We are a pod releasing Star’s energy into our planet for healing, restoring, and progressing into a new paradigm with her. I am so proud to be a part of this. 

Marion Zeziola

British Columbia

What I am experiencing with Star is that so much of the processing is beyond the level of the mind, so the stories don’t matter, words don’t matter, the details don’t matter. I can feel when something new has arrived, when a chunk of knowing that I wasn’t aware of before is suddenly there, but it might take days for me to understand what it is all about. Otherwise, I just feel the shifts in my energy fields, so I know that coherence and balance is spreading throughout, but I don’t always know exactly what is being ironed out, only that it is. Also, I’m experiencing healing and expansion all happening at once as a unified process. It isn’t “hard work,” but it takes a lot of space for me to do this.

Ysette Guevara

New York, USA

It has been very joyous to explore “my” star consciousness through these Attunements! I now love to behold the starlight of others, enjoying the dancing constellations that we collectively make & delighting in being a star among stars. It has been exquisite to welcome the creativity & compassion & present awareness that seems to be rekindled & to grow with each Attunement. The whole experience feels cumulatively like a gentle explosion into freedom, & I love that people are drawn to me to taste more of it, too. It is wonderful to share this from heart to heart to heart.

Sarah French

New York, USA

Is your Heart saying YES to this Magical Mystery Tour??

Receive the Star Attunements

We look forward to WELCOMING you into the STAR POD!

Dolphin photo credits:  JoaniaMacNai’a ~ Dancing Waters & Godfried Kleinsman ~ Dolfijnreizen, The Netherlands.  

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