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Star Attunements timing & Schedule

Beloved podmate, the Star Attunements become available to you once you have completed your Dolphin Attunement Journey by receiving your 7th Dolphin Attunement.
Archie’s basic recommendation is to allow at least 2 months after Dolphin 7 before you
begin Star 1.
Tune in to feel when you are ready to begin Star.
We trust you to discern your own best timing.

Once you’re in the Star Attunement flow, allowing 2 months between each of your Star Attunements is optimal.
For example, if you receive Star 1 in July, ideally you’ll receive Star 2 in September, Star 3 in November, and so on.
We’ve designed our calendar to support this timing.

The Star Attunements happen on SUNdays!
That just seems appropriate, don’t you think? 😉 

What Happens on Star Attunement Day ...

We gather as a pod via conference call, like we do the Dolphin Attunements.
But there’s a significant difference in how the Star Attunements are transmitted.

Do you remember the magic words Linda used to deliver the the Dolphin Attunements – “On your third breath from this moment, your Dolphin Attunement will be transmitted …”?

Well, the Star Attunements are transmitted in a continual stream of frequency over a period of 4 to 8 hours!

The moment we gather on the call, the Star Attunement begins.

So, we begin by going around the circle for Starmate shares, to create our connection.
Then Linda leads an opening circle, starting with a meditation, followed by each person entering into the center of the circle to be breathed in and welcomed by all present. 
Finally, Linda leads us in a closing meditation, ending with “Blessings on your journey.”
And then we all hang up and give ourselves over to the receiving experience.

Another significant change is we don’t call back after the Star Attunement for shares.
We started doing that, but after several experiences of everyone calling back being unable to speak, we let go of the call-back.
Now, the time to share your Star Attunement experience is at the monthly Star Pod Call.
You’re always welcome to send us an email anytime to share what you’re discovering and experiencing during your magical, mystical Star Attunement adventure!

In light of expansive nature of the Star Attunements, we highly recommend you allow for an open, spacious day on Star Attunement day.
David and I are always SO expanded, we’re really not capable of ‘doing’ anything. We’re blissfully surrendered in an exquisite state of pure BEing!

Refreshing Star Attunements

Refreshing” is what we call it when you receive an Attunement that you have already received before.
For the Star Attunements, Archie specifically recommends refreshing Star Attunements you’ve already received as often as possible.

Each of the new Star Attunements is larger than the majority of humans can receive in a single sitting.
When you receive it again, you will receive new dimensions of it.  ~ Archie

Each time you refresh one of the Star Attunements, you’re capable of receiving more.
This does not mean that it’s necessary, for example, to receive Star 1 more than once before you’re ready to receive Star 2.
But it does mean that, wherever you are in your Star journey, there is always great benefit in refreshing any or all of the Star Attunements that you’ve already received, whenever you can.

Some of our Star podmates join us every month to refresh whatever Star Attunement is being offered that month.
As David puts it …

“When a Star Attunement is happening,
why would you want to be anywhere else?”

And because refreshing is so valuable, we’ve built refreshes into the payment plans. YAY!!

Love Exchange & Payment Plans

Both plans include all 9 Star Attunements, with a new Star Attunement every other month,
plusrefresh of your previous Star the month in between!

1 payment of $2,222

(Save $433 over the 15-Payment Plan)

15 monthly payments of $177

NOTE: As was true with the Dolphin Attunements, follow your own guidance as to the optimal timing of your Star Attunements.
For example, you’re going along every-other-month, and Star 5 is coming up but you feel you need more time for integration before progressing.
Trust and honor that.
You know us, we’re very accommodating and flexible!

Q & A

We keep the Star Calendar page updated with the dates of all upcoming Star Attunement transmissions and Star Pod Calls.
We recommend you bookmark that page!
Occasionally we do have to make a schedule change, so it’s a good idea to check this page each month to confirm the date and time of your next Attunement.
Our monthly newsletter also lists the dates and times of all of our monthly events.
Please be sure to keep us updated with your current email address.

With any plan, you always have the freedom and flexibility to skip a month.
This might be because you have a schedule conflict, or you simply feel you’d like some additional integration time before continuing on with your next Attunement.
If you are going to skip a month, please email us and let us know.
Otherwise, we’ll assume you’re continuing on with the regular schedule.
If you’re on one of the monthly payment plans, missing a monthly Attunement doesn’t change your monthly payment commitment, unless you’ve communicated with us and made a special arrangement.

We do use PayPal as our payment processor. 
If you are paying in full, PayPal will give you the option to pay directly with your credit or debit card without having to set up a PayPal account. 
For the monthly payment plans, if you don’t have a PayPal account, the system will walk you through connecting your credit or debit card and setting up your account. 
If you’d rather avoid PayPal altogether, call us (1-855-353-6588) and we’ll explore alternatives. 

When you select one of the monthly payment options and sign up, your first monthly payment will be processed immediately.
Each of the remaining payments will be processed automatically by PayPal, once each month, on the same date as your initial payment. 
For example, if you make your first payment on August 12, each remaining payment will be charged on the 12th of the month, until all of the payments are completed.
Please ensure that your PayPal account is properly set up and connected to your bank account, credit card, or debit card, so each monthly payment can be processed successfully.

We're SO looking forward to expanding into Star with you, beloved podmate!

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