Our inaugural Dolphin Heart Experience pod completes their journey in January 2024. We anticipate opening registration for the next pod shortly thereafter. In the meantime, enjoy reading this page to learn about this exciting and transformative program. If you aren’t already receiving our emails, sign up for our newsletter to be notified when registration opens.

What is it about the dolphins?

… that lights us up and makes our hearts sing?

… that makes us feel worthy and loved exactly as we are?

… that opens us to new insights and possibilities?

… that helps our hearts heal so we can live fuller, richer, and more connected lives?

Can dolphins help us become better humans?

  • From what we’ve seen in ourselves, and in over a thousand beautiful awakening humans who have found their way to us to receive Dolphin’s gifts, that’s a big YES!
  • Throughout history, stories abound of people who have had life-transforming experiences after a brief encounter with dolphins.
  • Shay is one of those people, and the Dolphin Heart Experience is one outcome of her awakening journey that was guided and choreographed by the Dolphin Consciousness.

If just talking about dolphins has this effect on people, what more are they capable of? 


~Shay Nai’a at the very beginning of her dolphin journey, from her book,
Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land

The dolphins are where humanity is going.

We see them as our spiritual elders.
They see us as a young species in need of loving guidance, wisdom, and support.
They are great teachers, allies, and friends on our awakening journey.
It would be Dolphin’s greatest JOY to be in service to you in this life.

Dolphin is making a profound gift available to humanity.

This gift is one of the planetary keys to support humanity
in making the shift away from a life based in struggle and fear …
to a life based in love and joy …
a society rooted in love, cooperation, joy, and unity-community.

The Dolphin Heart Experience (DHX) is a new blueprint for humanity
– a new spiritual path –
created by Dolphin to accelerate the evolution of human consciousness. 

DHX plants and nurtures the seeds of a new society on Earth.

It’s about Love, Joy, Connection & Freedom.

A New Spiritual Path

Something we’ve learned in our journeys with Dolphin,
is that a complete spiritual path includes three elements:
Grace, Mastery, and Service.

involves receiving a gift from a higher source.
It’s not something you earn, and it’s not something you work at.
It’s a gift you’ve said Yes to – sometimes not consciously!
With Grace, your only job is to open and receive.

Mastery is about getting good at something – 
gradually increasing your skills through learning and practice.
Grace can happen in an instant, but Mastery takes time.

And Service, of course, is about expressing the Grace you’ve received,
and the Mastery you’ve achieved, through giving to others.

The Dolphin Heart Experience (DHX) focuses on the first two elements ~ Grace & Mastery.

Grace - The 7 Dolphin Attunements

The Dolphin Attunements are a series of seven sacred initiations
delivered directly by the Dolphin Consciousness. 

They take place at a level beyond human understanding … beyond what can be conceptualized or put into words. 

The experience of the attunements,
and the transformations they initiate in the lives of the people who receive them,
are extraordinary. 
Each Dolphin Attunement has its own essential nature, and they must be received in order. 
When you receive your 7th Dolphin Attunement, the merge of your human consciousness with an aspect of dolphin consciousness is complete. 
You emerge a new being on Earth, embodying a new quality of consciousness.     

A Message from Archie

What we are doing with the Dolphin Attunements is
accelerating the evolution of human consciousness.

One of the things the attunements do is they bring you to a place that
humans would have reached anyway, in a few million years,
if the species managed to survive that long.

The attunements bring an enormous change.
It is a permanent change in the direction of greater freedom.
That is a key aspect of the part of our consciousness we are sharing with you.

You will still be you.
You will be an expanded version of you.

There will be new qualities and new possibilities and new awarenesses.

Humanity is going through a key step in evolution.
As a species, your technology is expanding much faster than your wisdom.
This is a part of our goal – for humans to heal and reconnect
to their hearts and begin making wiser choices as a species
so that we can all share this beautiful planet in loving and productive ways.,

Painting of Archie by Bonnie Blue ~

Mastery - The Dolphin Living Skills

Shay wrote this about her first experiences swimming with the Hawaiian spinner dolphins:

From the moment of birth, these dolphins remain together as an extended family every day of their lives.

They live together, love together, play together, hunt together, sleep together, and meditate together.
They do everything together!
And they truly enjoy each other’s company.

As I watch them swim together, I see only love being expressed.
They love one another so much!

I watch as two youngsters swim along the periphery of the pod, connecting dorsal fins, as if they’re holding hands.
I watch as they gently bump up against each other, nuzzle each other, and glide against each other.
They love to give pleasure to one another.

I watch the babies suckle as they swim, and play and test their boundaries,
while mamas and aunties keep constant vigil, reining them in when necessary to teach them and to keep them safe.

I watch them make love.
Their lovemaking is a natural expression of the love they feel for the other …
it overflows, and they have to express it.
It’s beautiful.
It’s natural.
It’s joyful.
There is no shame there.

If everyone on this planet had the opportunity to witness what I’ve witnessed over the course of these three days,
this planet would be a very different place.

Excerpt from Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land ~ by Linda Shay Nai’a

The Dolphin Attunements are about ... Transcendence and Freedom

The Dolphin Living Skills are about ... our Humanity

As we gradually master these skills, we become better able to 
embody and express this transcendence and freedom in our daily lives. 

Dolphins on Earth model a way of living and being that reflects our truest natural state …
a state of love … a state of Unity-Community. 
Dolphins are a non-human intelligence and presence on Earth.
They aren’t bound by the social constructs, religious dogmas, political chaos,
rampant judgment, and limiting beliefs we humans are subject to.
Dolphins live at a level of connection and freedom most of us humans can’t imagine.
They want that for us too.
They’re demonstrating what’s possible for us as a global human family.

They’re inviting us to rise up, together, to change our world.

The Dolphin Heart Experience is ...

… a living laboratory in which we explore and discover ways to implement these new ways of being, within ourselves and with each other. 

With Dolphin as our spiritual teachers and guides, we free ourselves from self-doubt, self-judgment, and dependence on the outside world to validate our value and worth.
We return home to our true selves, our true nature.
We reconnect with nature and the world without fear, from our hearts.

The Dolphin Living Skills curriculum has been developed, with the guidance of Dolphin, to address the challenges and opportunities our podmates face as they re-create their lives and relationships in the context of the new paradigm the attunements bring to us.   

Throughout this training, you are immersed in Dolphin love and pod mind consciousness. 
You learn to …

  • Let go, let go, let go of all that no longer serves you, so that you can open to new – higher – ways of living and being.
  • Honor and Welcome All That Is into your heart without fear, acting on the higher truth that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm.
    Everything is inside of you. What do you choose to bring to the surface?
  • Be fully in your body and live from your heart.   
  • Connect deeply with others while staying connected to yourself, so you no longer lose yourself in your relationships.
  • Be fully present in this eternal NOW moment.
  • Practice honesty and authenticity by taking risks and speaking your truth. 
    We call this fierce self-love.
    We celebrate these pivotal moments enthusiastically!
  • Be FREE.

Safety is not the absence of threat; it is the presence of connection.

~Gabor Mate

DHX is a safe space in which you can step fully into your strength and power. 

It’s safe to be seen, received, and celebrated here, while standing in your new state of aliveness.
You may find that your psychic barriers to love and life that kept you in separation dissolve away.
Real Love can now enter in.

Only then can we experience Unity-Community. 
This is Joy. 
This is Freedom. 
Our human hearts heal and our lives transform, as never before.

And we play! 
Play is an essential Dolphin Living Skill.
The dolphins teach their young and us humans through play. 
Play is hugely transformative!

The Dolphin Living Skills lead to authenticity – the ability to walk our talk. 
You become a living, breathing embodiment and beacon of Love, Light, Inspiration, and Joy in your world.

There is no greater gift!

Service - The Dolphin Ambassador Program

The Dolphin Heart Experience focuses on the first two elements – Grace and Mastery.

The third element, Service, will come later with the Dolphin Ambassador Program.
The ambassador program will include Dolphin Energy Healing training and certification.
If you’re eager to start learning Dolphin Energy Healing now, ask us about our self-study program.

So much letting go and becoming occurs during this experience, we encourage you to
let this time be about you.
Remember, when your consciousness transforms, everything changes – everything.
And the Dolphin Attunements are going to transform your consciousness greatly.
The sacred service and relationships you attract on the other side of this experience will be on a whole other level than what you will attract now.

Patience, Grasshopper! 🙂

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 6.41.36 PM

The Dolphin Heart Experience

Program Details

What DHX will look like ...

DHX is a 7-month online program. Every month, you will receive …

  • Your next Dolphin Attunement (there are 7), newly upgraded and expanded by Dolphin.
  • A Dolphin Living Skills live training class that is experiential in nature. There may be some short training videos to watch ahead of time, and the class will be experiential, consisting of brief periods of teaching followed by experiences and processes you will practice with a smaller pod in breakouts. Replay videos will be available.
  • A Dolphin Energy Healing circle led by Shay as Dolphin Attunement integration support.
  • Two Dolphin Living Skills Lab sessions. David will be leading these sessions, and Shay may drop in from time to time. In these labs, you will have dedicated time to practice each month’s Dolphin Living Skills with your podmates and receive David’s skillful coaching. Bring your current life challenges into these calls, and learn how to navigate and master them by applying these skills! The labs each month will be on different days at different times, so hopefully every podmate can attend at least one lab session, if not both.
  • A new meditation channeled by Shay to ground and center you in the specific Living Skill we will focus on that month.
  • A short and sweet daily practice to reinforce each month’s Dolphin Living Skills. You can do these on your own, or with a partner.
  • A private, non-Facebook community to share about your journey and connect with your podmates, and with us.

Sharing the Love ...

These are excerpts from emails we received from podmates after they received
their upgraded and expanded 1st Dolphin Attunement.

I went so deep. Thank you. Something very holy is happening.
1st Attunement still unfolding ... very sonic, a lot of sound ... feeling the need to create art.
Attunement was surprisingly powerful!!! And it really did bring in that next level of joy.

Are you ready for ...
a Joyous Leap in Consciousness?

The New You!


This is not a decision you make from information.
It’s a decision you make from your inner knowing.
~ Archie


Are you feeling a YES in your heart?

The beautiful dolphins
 – and we –
are so looking forward to welcoming you
 into the inaugural DHX pod!


Dolphin Heart Experience Q&A Call
July 21, 2023

We held this Q&A call for people to learn more about DHX and to ask questions. 
Here are some themes that we covered:
1st 9 min. – We were welcomed by a HUGE pod of spirit dolphins as Shay led a meditation
@ 23 min. – Shay & David spoke in-depth about the genesis and value of the Dolphin Living Skills we’ll be teaching
@41 min. – we gave a short tour of the DolphinHeart.Community site, which is where all the videos, meditations, class recordings, and class materials will be located
@45 min. – we talked about the non-Facebook community site that we’re looking forward to implement very soon
@ 1 hr. – Shay and Shirley demonstrated the sample Dolphin Living Skill the rest of the group did with a partner in breakouts

Our thanks to all the podmates who participated!

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