We Come In Service

A Bimini Wild Dolphin Swim Adventure

July 26 - August 1, 2020

Calling all Open-Hearted Ones ...
Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to
swim with the wild dolphins of Bimini.

Co-hosts Linda Shay and Mare Cromwell invite you to
join us in JOYful receiving and sacred service.

NEWS FLASH - A Message from Linda and Mare ...

Beloveds, in light of the escalating news about the global coronavirus crisis, this trip has been rescheduled.
The new dates for our trip are July 26 – August 1, 2020.

Are YOU being called?

Imagine ...

Leaving your worldly cares and concerns behind and gathering with a pod of warm, caring, open-hearted humans at a Bahamian oasis of peace, beauty, respect, deep love, and JOY.

Being consciously, abundantly, and lovingly nurtured and cared for by the dolphins, your trip facilitators, and the WildQuest crew and staff. Having your lodging, food, and well-being needs met above-and-beyond your expectations. 

Beginning each day coming into resonance with the Frequency of JOY. From that high state of consciousness, participating in ceremony to bless and bring healing to the waters in that part of the Atlantic, and more.

Spending hours on a gorgeous sailing catamaran, cruising exquisite turquoise ocean waters, and communing and swimming with the wild dolphins who reside there.

Receiving deep yet gentle healing and great goodness through never-before-brought-to-Earth downloads, transmissions, and activations from the dolphins, nature spirits, and high spiritual presences.

Experiencing the exquisite Dolphin gift of Unity-Community within yourself, with your podmates, and with the dolphins and other beings – seen and unseen – who bless us with their presence throughout our time together.

Ending each day in joyous communion, reflection, and heart-felt gratitude for the multitude of blessings and gifts received that day.


This trip is all about ...

Love ~ Joy ~ Play
& Celebrating LIFE!

In this field of pure LOVE and JOY, your body, mind, heart, and soul will receive deep healing and rejuvenation.
At the end of this week, you will be uplifted and expanded in ways you can’t even imagine.

We’re gathering this pod to also give back – to be in sacred service to this important and powerful place on Earth.
As we heal, Mother Earth heals, and all of life within and upon her heal.

Who knew healing and transforming could be so much FUN?

The Swim with Wild Dolphins Experience

Human-dolphin swim interactions serve a benevolent purpose.
Dolphins invite us humans into their world, so we can …

  • Observe and play with them in their natural habitat 
  • Learn from their harmonious ways of living and being together as a pod
  • Heal and open our hearts
  • Be inspired to grow into the best versions of ourselves
  • Let go of being so serious, and have outrageous FUN!
It is a profound gift when a pod of wild dolphins chooses to meet and swim with us in their world, on their terms.
Together we share openness, playfulness, curiosity, and transformative, contagious JOY!

Our in-water experience with dolphins frequently mirrors our out-of-water experience with one another.
The more open, loving, caring, and connected we humans are with one another, the more open, loving, caring, and welcoming our dolphin encounters will be.
And so, when we are not in the water with the dolphins, we will be deepening our connections with one another … through Love, Joy, and Play!

At Dolphinity, sowing and nurturing the seeds of Unity-Community among pods of beautiful awakening humans is what we do – in collaboration and partnership with the vast, wise, loving, pan-universal Dolphin Consciousness.

We provide a warm, loving, joyful, and safe environment so those  who come to us can open their hearts and connect – deeply and authentically – with self, with others, and with All of Life.

It is a privilege and joy to offer our second magical dolphin swim experience in Bimini.

If you choose to join us in this grand adventure, be prepared to smile and laugh so much your cheeks hurt!
And if your tears flow, it’s your inner ocean coming out.
That’s a beautiful thing!

Linda's the one with the yellow flippers!
Our very happy 2019 Bimini Pod!

Meet Your Trip Facilitators

We’d LOVE to share the JOY and GOODNESS
of this amazing adventure with you!

Linda Shay ~ Dolphn Ambassador & Evolutionary Leap Catalyst
“Will you be one of our Ambassadors on land, and do Dolphin Energy Healing as your career?”
~ Linda’s first telepathic communication from Iris, her pure white dolphin spirit guide who embodies the Divine Feminine.

“I’ve had the great fortune of having Linda Shay as my teacher during my “Dolphin School” experience years ago. Since then, my life has changed and is transforming. Linda is sparkling, inspiring, loving, mind & heart & consciousness-expanding. Hers is a remarkable story, and I am SOOOOO very happy she chose to follow her calling and heart, and let the dolphins into her life. She has an incredible gift to share with the world, and it is sure to inspire and infuse you with Dolphin Love.”
~ Golden Lady

Linda Shay is a trailblazer
in the evolution of human consciousness, and a pioneer in the field of Dolphin Energy Healing. For over 20 years, Linda has been collaborating with the Dolphin Consciousness to help humans heal their hearts, transform their consciousness, and find their JOY!

After a life-changing encounter with a wild Hawaiian spinner dolphin in 1996, Linda was led on a profound 7-year inner journey of awakening and metamorphosis, guided and choreographed by the Dolphin Consciousness, that resulted in her emergence as a new being on Earth – a blended human-dolphin.

As a result of that journey, Dolphin created a spiritual blueprint that allows others to receive this gift. Described as a new spiritual path for humanity, the Dolphin Attunement Journey delivers this metamorphosis of human consciousness. Upon receiving the 7th Dolphin Attunement, our podmates become living embodiments of  human-dolphin consciousness. They pass through a gateway and emerge brand new beings on Earth.

Linda has trained over 100 Certified Dolphin Energy Practitioners around the world. She offers personal Dolphin Energy Healing sessions as well as in-person retreats, classes, and swim-with-wild-dolphin adventures.

Linda tells her remarkable story in her book, Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land. Linda also contributed the opening chapter to Amazon best-seller Dolphins and Whales Forever.

Linda recently relocated her healing and teaching practice to the place of her birth – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Linda loves to cook, hike, read, and hang out in nature and where fun-loving and open-hearted people can be found. 

She is passionate about fostering and nurturing loving kindness and harmonious relationships among our human family. One of her mantras is: Kindness Rocks!
Most of all, Linda is passionate about creating Unity-Community on Earth and doing all she can to bring forth the New Earth with JOY!

Learn more about Linda at www.oak.kinsta.cloud

Mare Cromwell ~ Gaia Communicator and Priestess
“Mare Cromwell is ‘The Voice of Earth Mother.'” ~Rainbow Thunder Heart/Bennie LeBeau, Shoshone Elder

“Mare Cromwell is not a mere person, she is an experience; a living, breathing manifestation of the love of Mother Gaia herself.
She is the Shield Priestess of Gaia – a woman on a sacred mission to teach others to embrace their Divine center connected to Gaia within themselves, to be a beacon of light and healing in a world that most desperately needs it on so many levels right now.
The best part of Mare is that she can take these huge metaphysical and esoteric concepts and break them down into everyday language so everyone can understand them. No previous learning/training required.
This is truly a Goddess and I am blessed

to have her in my life and you will be as well.”
~ Kathryn Hall, Intuitive

Mare Cromwell is a humble servant to the Great Mother Gaia.

She is an internationally-known Gaia Communicator & Priestess, Author and Healer. 

Some call her a Medicine Woman. 
Rainbow Thunder Heart calls her “The Voice of Earth Mother.” 
Woody Vaspra, a Hawaiian Elder, told Mare that her work is in the Native Prophecies. 

Mare’s work is to support the birthing of the New Earth emerging now.

Mare’s award-winning books include: The Great Mother Bible; Messages from Mother … Earth Mother; and If I gave you God’s phone number … Searching for Spirituality in America.

Mare has studied with Native American elders for 25 years along with other gifted spiritual teachers, and is the visionary behind the 1000 Goddesses Gathering Global Grid. 
She is currently teaching The Great Mother Love Way year-long course and just finished hosting a Reconnecting with the Nature Spirits webinar.
She also leads workshops on Earth Changes & Mother Gaia’s Broader Picture, Sacred Gardening, Womb Wisdom and more.

Mare’s healing practice is based in western Maryland and she is a former worm herder.
She absolutely loves to lead ceremony, and is a huge fan of Sacred Silliness. ;~)

Learn more about Mare at www.marecromwell.com.

View Mare’s 22-minute YouTube Video: Mother Gaia’s State of the Earth Address



A Personal Message from Linda ...

This trip came together quickly!
It is a sign of the times that things are happening fast.
We spiritual adventurers are being called upon to act quickly and to take many leaps of faith!
And to TRUST!

Over the past several months, I experienced a series of unexpected life events that were all-consuming and whole-life changing.
These changes culminated in me making the huge decision to leave my Sedona life behind and return to the place of my birth, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
During this time, I was unable to promote this trip in its original form.
As soon as I was able to resume my work, the Bimini trip was my highest priority.

The energy of the trip had shifted, and I felt something new wanted to happen. 
Rather than our group being there solely for what the dolphins could give to us, I felt so strongly that I wanted us all to be in service to the dolphins, and to the waters of that important part of the Atlantic Ocean, as well.
Following my intuition, I reached out to Mare and invited her to co-facilitate this trip with me – a trip that was less than two months away!
Miraculously, she said YES – immediately! 

Mother Gaia is quite enthusiastic about Mare and me partnering for this journey.
It is clear that the Dolphin Councils and Mother have called for the two of us to come together to co-create this
this truly unique Loving, Joyous, and Life-Changing adventure. 
We’re super excited. We adore one another, and from the moment we met, we felt we would do something together someday.

Our gift to you … Because this trip is right around the corner linear time-wise, and we want a fully attended retreat, we’ve reduced the price of this trip to cost.
That means we’re gifting all of our time and energy before and during the retreat, and we’re paying our own travel expenses.
At the end of the trip, we will invite participants to make love offerings to us if they feel so guided.
We will welcome all offerings with great Love, Joy, and Gratitude!

While we’re in Bimini, as our human pod opens to receive the Love and Blessings that will be showered upon us by the Dolphins, Mother Gaia, the Nature Spirits and more …
The Atlantic Ocean will be blessed. 
The island and people of Bimini will be blessed. 
All of Life that resides in that sacred part of the world – seen and unseen – will be blessed.

Mare will lead us in sacred ceremony each day to support this outcome.

Is your heart saying YES to this exciting invitation?

You will know if you are called!



The WildQuest retreat center will be our home-away-from-home for this adventure.

WildQuest has been hosting and facilitating group swim trips with wild dolphins in Bimini for 25 years.
They provide a world-class experience, with a beautiful residential retreat center on the island, a spectacular catamaran to take us to the dolphins, and a skilled, attentive, and loving staff.
They are honoring and respectful toward the dolphins.
Deep affection and trust has developed between the dolphins and WildQuest.
On average, throughout the season, they meet the dolphins 4 out of 5 days each week.

We’re thrilled to be leading our 2nd Unity-Community Bimini retreat at WildQuest in 2020!

Will you join us?

how much?

The investment for this heart-opening and life-transforming wild dolphin swim retreat has been lowered to $1911 per person, double occupancy (originally $2333 – a $422 savings)

What’s included: Saturday night lodging in Ft. Lauderdale (dinner is self-pay) ~ 5 nights lodging and scrumptious meals at WildQuest (1 dinner is self-pay) ~ 5 daily boat excursions 

WildQuest will process your retreat payments and support you with travel, lodging, dietary, and other special needs to ensure a successful, joyful and ease-full trip.

Your Costs Are:
Retreat ~ $1911
Charter round/trip flight to and from Ft. Lauderdale-Bimini ~ $425 Airfare to and from Ft. Lauderdale* (Strongly recommended! WildQuest arranged these private charter flights because other available options are unreliable.)
2 self-pay dinners
Trip Insurance
Spending money while on-island
Tip money in small bills ($1 bills) for on-island transportation & services
WildQuest staff & crew tip at end of retreat ~ suggested 10-15% of retreat price
Optional – Love offering to Linda & Mare

Optional Add-Ons
WildQuest has a few single rooms available. Upgrade requests are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis, and include a single room at the hotel in Ft. Lauderdale Sunday night.

There are also a few upgraded waterfront view rooms available, first-come, first-served.
Prices listed on WildQuest website.

*With regard to the U.S. travel ban from all European countries, an alternative is to fly directly to Nassau, Bahamas, and then take the short flight from there to Bimini. Plan to arrive in Bimini Sunday and spend the night at WildQuest (overnight stay included in retreat price). The rest of the pod will arrive Monday morning.

*All payments are non-refundable.* 

My Heart says YES ... Now what?

Awesome! We’re SO excited to share this up-close-and-personal wild dolphin swim adventure with you. Eeeeee!!!

Here’s what you need to do … 12 easy steps to Bimini!

Step 1: Initiate your booking process with WildQuest directly by clicking the button below. This will take you to WildQuest’s online booking system. The first thing it will ask you for is the Facilitator Code for our trip. It’s “swimfree“.

Step 2: Pay your deposit for the retreat and buy your travel insurance! See the next section (More about WildQuest & Practicalities) for a link to good information about travel insurance.

Step 3: Pat yourself on the back for following your heart, pursuing your dreams, and saying YES to this opportunity of a lifetime!

Step 4: Make sure your passport is current, with two blank pages available for stamping.

Step 5: Watch your email inbox for Welcome emails from WildQuest. Read each message thoroughly and carefully, as they contain essential information to ensure a smooth and JOY-filled trip, from beginning to end.

Step 6: June 26 is 30 days before the start of this retreat. Pay WildQuest your balance due.

Step 7: Book your flight to Ft. Lauderdale to arrive in time for 4pm check-in at the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina on Sunday, July 26th, 2020. Book your return flight to depart from Ft. Lauderdale Saturday afternoon, Augustl 1st (or later), after 1:30pm. The best way to get to the hotel from the airport is by taxi, Uber or Lyft.

Step 8: Book your round-trip Fort Lauderdale – Bimini charter flight with Air Flight Charters through WildQuest’s online booking system

Step 9: Update your travel insurance policy, if necessary, to include the costs of your flights.

Step 10: Connect with the Bimini dolphins frequently, from your heart, and tell them you’re coming and you can’t wait to meet them. Send them your Love and Gratitude for their presence on Earth!
If you have specific intentions for yourself for this trip, tell them that too. They’ll hear you. They’ll feel you. It will make a difference!

Step 11: Prepare for your ocean swims. You don’t have to be a strong swimmer to enjoy great interactions with the dolphins. However, being comfortable with a mask, snorkel, and fins will make all the difference in the world when a gorgeous dolphin swims up to connect with you.
If snorkeling is new to you,
consider investing in inexpensive snorkel gear and snorkel lessons before you come. At a minimum, practice wearing and breathing through snorkel gear in a community pool – or in your bathtub!

Step 12: Pack light (the small planes to Bimini have strict luggage weight restrictions) & travel safely when the time comes. See “More About WildQuest & Practicalities” below for a link to WildQuest’s web page with this essential information.

We can’t wait to ‘sea’ you, and play with you, and dive deep and soar high with you … in Bimini!!


More about WildQuest & Practicalities

WildQuest is truly a jewel on planet Earth.

Not only do they excel in all aspects of hosting and leading wild dolphin swim retreats, they are also dedicated to the preservation of all wildlife, especially cetaceans and the oceans. 

If you’re considering joining us for this retreat – or if you’ve already signed up – be sure to spend time on the WildQuest website.
There are lots of brief, informative videos that give a feel of what it’s like to experience one of their exquisite dolphin swim retreats.

Here’s a list of pages that are particularly important for you to read:

Click here to learn about their catamaran ‘DolphinQuest’ & boat safety.

Click here to learn more about the yummy food & accommodations.

Click here for a list of what’s included and what’s not included in your retreat price. 

Click here for Travel Insurance info (Required. You must show your policy upon arrival in Bimini.)

Click here for WildQuest’s “Getting There & Back” page.

Click here for what to bring.

Click here for luggage requirements.

We feel grateful and blessed that our beautiful human pod will be in WildQuest’s thoughtful and heart-full care throughout our wondrous week in Bimini!

Retreat Itinerary

Sunday, July 26 – Arrive at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
4pm – Check-in
5:30pm – Meet & greet
6:30pm – Pod Dinner (price of dinner not included in trip cost)

Monday, July 27 – Travel to Bimini & 1st Boat Outing to Meet the Dolphins
6:45am – Meet in hotel lobby for drive to airport (breakfast options provided at airport)
8:30am – Charter flight to Bimini all together
9am – Arrive in Bimini, process through immigration and customs
9:30am – Water taxi to WildQuest
10am – Room assignment and orientation
11am – Pack lunch and snorkel check
Noon – Depart on catamaran to meet the dolphins
5pm – Return to WildQuest
6pm – Dinner
7:30pm – Evening pod gathering – sharing circle and yummy meditation

Tuesday through Friday – Typical Daily Schedule
Morning yoga (optional)
8am – Breakfast
9 – 10:30am – Pod activity or open time; pack lunch for the boat
10:30am – Circle up for Frequency of JOY activation and ceremony to heal and bless the waters
11am – 5pm – Depart on catamaran to find and swim with the dolphins
6pm – Dinner at WildQuest – except Wednesday night when we’ll enjoy dinner and dancing ‘on the town’ (this dinner not included in trip price)
7:30pm – Evening pod gathering – sharing circle & spirit-led healings, meditations, or energy transmissions

Saturday, August 1 – Leave Bimini
8am – Breakfast
8:30am – Water taxi to airport
10am – Charter flight to Ft. Lauderdale
11am – Clear customs and unforgettable hug exchanges with your beloved podmates!

Sharing the love from last year's retreat ...

I must say I was more myself in all ways during that week in Bimini than I can ever remember before. All I want to do is get back on that boat, be on the water, and swim in the ocean with the dolphins and other sea creatures, and hang with all of you and dance, laugh, and share our passions and dreams.

Nova Larkin

Advanced Light-Worker

I experienced extraordinary heart connection with the WildQuest crew, the human pod, the dolphins. Unity-Community had been so hard for me for so long. Since Bimini, I’m realizing it’s possible to ask for it and have it show up in my life. And it is! 

Mary Yoo

Becoming authentic and FREE after a career as a corporate lawyer

My mermaid spirit dove into the blue heart of Wise Mother Ocean. I was surrounded by a pod of dolphins. They clicked and swam around me in a spiral. I relaxed into their amazing energy. It was a liquid dance. I was the 8th dolphin. Time stopped, my breath seemed endless, and I felt completely alone with the dolphins. They gave me a great gift and I am forever grateful.

Bonnie Blue

Mermaid, Artist, Dolphin Energy Healer

Since Bimini, I’m becoming a new person. I’m learning how to be me again. I’m opening to Love from humans. Messages are coming from my guides. Thank you!

Laurie Kwan

Spiritual Adventurer

Throughout my life, I have not been accepted into groups. I’ve been an outcast. That changed in Bimini, big-time. I was welcomed by EVERYBODY. That was SO profoundly healing for me. Also, my healing abilities have come back. I’m giving sessions and teaching again!

Dawn Mazur

Multidimensional Healer

I am so grateful for this experience of deep learning and meaningful love. ​I came home with an expanded definition of ‘family.’ It was amazing. Thank you ALL.

Mary Aberg

Reverend, Spiritual Adventurer

Dolphin Ambassador
& Wizard of Dolphinity

There's one more thing ...

When this trip was first conceived, DAVID ROSENTHAL – Linda’s co-creator and partner in Dolphinity – was the co-facilitator.

When the energy shifted, Linda and David independently received the guidance that Mare would play a role in this retreat. It was David’s idea to ask her to co-facilitate. When Mare agreed to come onboard, David graciously stepped back.

David will be with us in Bimini.
He’ll be there in a support role for Mare and Linda – and for all of us.
David is a wonderful representation of the Divine Masculine.
His calming and soothing presence will be a gift and blessing for the pod.

Linda and Mare are grateful for David’s presence, and all the ways he has, and will, contribute to the great success of this grand adventure.

Linda and David met at the very beginning of Linda’s dolphin journey.
David’s grounded and calming presence was an invaluable source of support throughout her entire journey.
He held sacred space and bore witness to every aspect of Linda’s journey.
And, he continually assured her that what she was experiencing was real – she wasn’t going crazy. 

David is the wizard of Dolphinity – both behind and in front of the curtain.
He’s also the channel for the extraordinary golden dolphin spirit who calls himself Archie. 
Archie is the spokesdolphin of the cetacean spiritual council that guides Linda and David in their sacred service.

David offers deeply healing and transformational Journeys of Discovery with Archie.
Have you ever wanted to talk to a dolphin, and have the dolphin talk back?
This is your chance! Archie is AWESOME.

David lives in Clarkdale, Arizona, at the base of magical Mingus Mountain, close to Sedona.
David is a perpetual student, always learning, studying, and growing.
He’s also a wild-and-crazy dancer!
A mandatory part of David’s day is belly-rubs for his kitties.

Learn more about David at: www.oak.kinsta.cloud.

Meet Us in Bimini!

We can't wait to PLAY with you,
and make the world BETTER with you!
The Bimini dolphins know we're coming.
They hope to welcome YOU into their world.
Together, we'll co-create magic,
wonder, and JOYous transformation!

©Dolphin Heart World 2020
Dolphin & WildQuest photos on this site used with permission from WildQuest. 

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